The perfect way for busy parents to write a note of encouragement,
a simple reminder or just to send a smile! With or without a note,
your child will love the activities inside... a fun way to
connect with your child daily.

Give 'em a laugh along with
your love! Make your notes
more fun with jokes, riddles
and knock-knocks.

(30 pickles in this peck)


Treat your 'Smart Cookie' to
One Smart Cookie! Filled with
brain teasers, word searches,
magnified pictures and more.

(30 cookies in this batch)


Serve 'em up brain food!
Each pretzel is full of fun
tidbits, wacky laws, weird
facts, goofy news and more!

(30 pretzels in this pack)


Easy 4-step art lessons
for the budding artist! Big
kids like 'em too! Great
for rainy and 'mom-there's-
nothing-to-do' days.

(25 bananas in this bunch)


4733 Hawk Hollow Drive - E, Bath, MI 48808
888-484-1997 ~

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