LunchPacker Reviews

What parents and kids say about LunchPackers…

"My son refused to take a lunch to school without them! - Ute Propert

"I am a mother of an 8 and 4 year old. It's refreshing to see a new and fun product!" - Jan Lynston

"My 6-year-old reads one each day. They've become the hit of the class!" - Linda Washington

"My kids beg me every day to put one in their lunches." - Mary Nemiroff

"LunchPackers are very cool. Our three boys love them!" - Lonnie Horvat

"LunchPackers are what I was looking for. My 8-year-old son was happy NOT to have a mushy note from Mom that the other kids would tease him about and I don't want to have to rack my brain for something to write every day. Now, the kids wait for him to open his lunch every day…it's fun for him and a timesaver for me." - Linda Ishbia

"We're out of LunchPackers and my kids really miss them! Where can we find more?" - Susann LaFuria

"Thanks for creating LunchPackers. My son has even designated a pocket where the "love notes" are hidden." - Ellen Selig

"My kids are disappointed if they don't get one…I'm in search of more!" - Stacy Sorgatz

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